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and to realize a home life that includes time for family and activities you

Jan Martin

Jan Martin -
Certified Productivity Trainer
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A Workplace That Works

Dear Jan,

I’m able to work from home, which gives me a more flexible schedule. But I don’t feel like I’m very efficient with my time and I struggle with how to keep my work and related information organized and easy to find…

Your office, wherever it may be located, is your “home away from home” and requires time and attention to make it a place that works for you. After 27 years in a corporate environment, I began working from home. Both have their unique organizational challenges.

Here are some solutions I can provide, which I tailor to the kind and volume of work you do, where you do it, and – of course - your personal goals.

Commercial/Home Office Organization Services

Create the Ideal Work Space

  • Paper management
  • Electronic file management
  • Desk organization

Develop a Relevant Filing System

  • Help purge outdated files
  • Creation and organization of new files
  • A software system for easy access to your information

Customize Time Management Systems

  • Priority and Goal Setting
  • Efficiency strategies
  • Connecting activities to “big picture” goals

1 Day Miracle for the Home Office, Small Office & Corporations

  • Eight hours of hands-on, personal organizing with one individual, in one office,
    including helping the client find and file current information

Productivity Solution for Departments or Organizations

  • A complete, turnkey organizing and productivity service, including:
    1. Needs assessment
    2. Individual consultations, as needed
    3. Office clean-out
    4. Central filing system
    5. Follow up