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Jan Martin

Jan Martin -
Certified Productivity Trainer
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Senior Assistance

Dear Jan,

Our elderly parent is moving to a retirement community next month. Being out of state, it is difficult for us to help her prepare and to make contact with the professionals and service persons she needs…

Assisting Your Loved One

So many Baby Boomers (siblings and others) are faced with the challenge of parenting in their own homes, while looking out for the welfare of an aging loved one. Attempting to provide care with limited time or from a distance can become physically and emotionally overwhelming.

As a professional organizer with an understanding of Senior needs, I would like to offer you services that will: 1) provide your loved one with the direction and help they need right now; and 2) offer you ease of mind that he/she is receiving trained and caring assistance.

Personal Planning/Assistance

Thinking about downsizing or just “cleaning out” your present home? Is your goal to organize your important documents and make a plan to optimize your retirement years? Congratulations! Tackling the job of organizing your home or even making a move that will best serve you later in life is a wise step. Creating a Productive Environment offers an array of services that can move you toward a clutter-free environment with spaces made to give you safe, fast access to everything you need.

Remember, when you take steps to improve your own life now, you ensure a more relaxed lifestyle that includes family time characterized by joy rather than anxiety about your comfort and care.

Senior Assistance Services

  • Personal Home Needs Assessment
  • Downsizing services: sorting, discarding
  • Home organization/space planning
  • Preparing the home for sale
  • Arranging staging of property, as necessary
  • Overseeing movers, as well as packing, labeling, and unpacking
  • Shredding services
  • Document location/organization
  • Professional referrals
  • Utilities connections & mail transfer
  • Computer set up services