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Jan Martin

Jan Martin -
Certified Productivity Trainer
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The Organized Home

Dear Jan,

My house is only clean when we’re expecting guests! Everything else always comes first. As a result, I constantly feel overwhelmed in my home, rather than relaxed and focused on enjoying my family…

The Organized HomeYou are not alone! Lots of people interrupt their routines to make their homes feel welcoming for company -- but not for themselves. The key is to make cleaning part of your weekly routine. Still, it’s hard to try to clean around a clutter of unused items and unnecessary paper, or to keep a home tidy when there is no system for storing and finding what you need.

When you clear your life of clutter and find a “home” for the items you do need, then the battle is nearly won. Keep in mind, everyone in the family needs to help put items back where they belong and learn how to identify and dispose of items that lead to clutter.

Then there must be an organizational system for home items as well as important papers. A workable system requires there be sufficient storage space to safely store the items you do need – whether you use them everyday, once a month, or require a long-term solution.

We can do this together!

These are some hot spots where “stuff” tends to collect. Notice, many of these are the very spaces you use the most and where you and your family ideally gather for down time.

After a brief assessment of your needs, I can set a schedule of priorities and we can quickly move toward that organized home life you desire.

Clutter “Hot Spots”

  • Kitchens/Pantries
  • Living Rooms
  • Dining Rooms
  • Bedrooms/Closets
  • Family Rooms/Great Rooms
  • Attics/Basements/Garages
  • Home Offices
  • Countertops/Shelves